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ambre The amber is a fossilized resin by more than 50 million years. It is not a stone.
Its name comes from Arabic " Anbar from Anabir , cachalot (whale)".
The amber warms the energy system and acts in purifier.

The cleaning of the amber is simply made by wiping it with a cloth.

The important deposits of amber are especially on the the Baltic Sea coast but also in Burma and in Canada.
Its color declines of the yellow in the brown by way of the red or the green and can contain vegetables or fossilized insects.

Wear ing a stone of amber can help you cleansing your body.

" Sophie Nature advice:
Wear stones of amber at every season changing to help you cleaning your body .Drink fruit juices and détoxinating vegetables as the lemon juice, the grapefruit, the coconut, the black radish... "

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