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Obsidian, an Armenian Stone and Apaches Tears...

obsidienne The obsidian is an outstanding volcanic glassy rock rich in silica.

Grey, dark green, red or black color, it arises from a lava.

Obsius, character of Ancient Rome indicated, the first one, its presence in Ethiopia.

The obsidian is transparent in translucent present a texture and a glassy brightness. Its glass can re-crystallize. It forms from lava flows very thick and rich in silica.

Deposits are in abundance in:

Italy, Iceland, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Japan and Armenia...

During the prehistory, the obsidian served of sharp edge for weapons and tools. Stones and rolled pebbles were of use to the manufacturing of jewels.

8000 years ago, networks of exchanges are set up between the various agropastorales communities.

Numerous tracks of use of the obsidian are found in the South of Europe in the Neolithic, where a shape of business and transport of the stone was organized from the deposits of the italian volcanoes. Tools in obsidian are discovered during archaeological excavations, in the South of France. (above text from wikipedia)

The legend says that the obsidian " tears of Apache " translucent in the light would result from the American western desert, where an Indian would have died …

Lithotherapy properties, caution : very magnetic power on the use.

Helps re-appearing and evacuating the repressed feelings like crystal.

Push away the negative energies.

Allows to take root "DOWN-TO-EARTH". Stone of the absolute balance: yin / yang.

No particular cleaning because it does not overload.

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