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Olivie Tree

olivier Olive tree comes to us from Minor Asia and arrives to Marseille 600 years before Jesus Christ.

The bark, the wood, the fruit and the leaves are both used for the decoration and for cooking, beauty or medicine.

The olive oil is rich in vitamin E (15-20mg / 100g), anti-oxidizing and can have an interesting action on cholesterol being extremely easily digestible. Its unsaturated fatty acids are equivalent to those of the maternal milk. Choose an oil of first cold pressure.

The leaves remain the most active.

The harvest is made in November. The Mediterranean countries cooking with olive oil are known to have the least cardiovascular diseases.

Drink a spoon of olive oil with half a lemon juice in the morning , on an empty stomach, favors the digestion.

Baths of olive oil for your hair, your nails and your skin feed them.

Some of its virtues would be: antidiabetic, stimulating of the hepatic functions, hypotensive by cardio-depressive ineffective vasodilatation, febrifuge, stimulating of the metabolism, preventive of the cardiovascular diseases, …

Famous Doctor Valnet ( 1920-1995 ) who practised the forensic medecine, the psychiatry, the microbiology and the hygiene, the colonial medicine and the occupational medicine was a lover follower of the alternative medicine. His recommendation for a decoction is from 30 to 80 g leaves by liter of water, boil during 30 seconds, infuse 10 minutes and drink before the meals

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