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les perles The pearl is produced by mollusks, mostly oysters.

The animal defends itself from an "intruder" entered its shell by surrounding it with mother-of-pearl.

Ancestral China recognizes it exceptional gynecological virtues

Feminin, Yin, soft and soothing, it is lunar.

Named "Aphrodite's tear" by the Greek it serves as finery.

In India and in the Middle East, the pearl guarantees fertility.

White, cremates, pink, green, blue, violet or black, it embodies purity, sweetness, tenderness, reassurance, creativity …


Vertues lithothérapie: it sublimates the concrete, stimulates the truth and the awareness on one. Work on the calcium deficiencies.

Water cleansing salted, soft wiping and drying in the moon or in the sun.

Caution : no acid, lemon, perspiration, vinegar or make-up, alcohols, perfumes, pearls could die from it.

Give some love to your pearls because they behave as a human being

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