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Quartz Rose

quartz rose The most well known rock crystal is nevertheless the hardest quartz.
It is thus an amplifier.
It stimulates the constituents of our organic cells by echoing with its included silica.
The cleaning of the quartz is identical to rock crystal.
Plunge the quartz into some salty water and dry it, rinse in the sun to reload it with light.

The deposits of quartz are plenty round the world. The choice of the stone must be done by "envy".
A stone is personal and should not " be crossed from hands to hands ".

Put a pink quartz in a room will bring you reassurance and tenderness.
It corresponds to the feelings of the heart.

" Sophie Nature advice:
Place the pink quartz near you. Put a rose perfumed oil on your wrists, rub one against the other under your nose then sing the sound "AH" on the tune  F . You 'll feel full of tenderness.
NB: some one hyper sensitive people, as the children, can be a little bit disturbed by the presence of the quartz too close to their body. In that case don't put it on a night table "

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