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quartz rose Rose comes to us from Central Asia. India tells us that the goddess Lakshmi was born in a rose. Symbol of fertility in Asia, the earth of election of Rose is Antique Persia. In the Greek mythology, Cybčle created the rose by jealousy of the goddess Aphrodite. Venus running to aid of wounded Adonis, tried of its blood a hedge of white roses so giving birth to the red rose. Of the Antiquity in the Middle Ages, the rose served of deodorizing. In Rome the rose accompanied the gelatin and the honey. The oriental peoples use even today, petals to make jams, syrups, sherbets …

The medicinal virtues of the rose are recognized from Ancient Rome. However, it is in the Middle Ages that its high content of vitamin C is appreciated. Cooking, beauty, medicine, symbol of the love the rose adorns itself with multiple facets. Some of its virtues would be: astringent, healing, fortifying.

Famous Doctor Valnet ( 1920-1995 ) who practised the forensic medecine, the psychiatry, the microbiology and the hygiene, the colonial medicine and the occupational medicine was a lover follower of the alternative medicine. His recommendation to realize a can of pink roses is to mix 750 g of sugar and 250g of fresh petals of buttons. Add some rose water to obtain a similar dough in some honey. Take 5 in 10g of this liquid in case of lung congestion or to improve our complexion.

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